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Cannabis Seeds & Where to Buy Them

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Great quality cannabis seeds are notoriously hard to come by which is why finding long established cannabis seed suppliers is the way to go. After reviewing and researching over a dozen seed companies I’ve managed to find a few that have the best quality seeds, diversity of cannabis genetics, great shipping methods, are ethical and dedicated to what the cannabis industry stands for. These are the kinds of companies I like to partner with as I want to make sure my readers have access to the best the cannabis industry has to offer. From the growing experience to harvest and final products it all starts with cannabis seeds.

The following are cannabis seeds companies I’ve decided to partner with who have been in the industry for nearly 10 years or longer. One of the seed companies I’ve partnered with has been selling cannabis seeds online since 2003 (over 18 years). The standards for partnership were how long they’ve been in business, how many real positive reviews they have, reliable shipping methods, their genetic diversity of cannabis seeds and overall ethics as a company. You can find links to these cannabis seed companies below categorized by the countries they’re shipping to.

Cannabis Seeds in US

cannabis seeds in usa

If you’re looking for cannabis seeds in the United States, both ILGM and Seedsman have been shipping seeds to the US for a while. Seeds from ILGM come from Amsterdam while Seedsman seeds come from Barcelona Spain. This is where a vast majority of the world’s cannabis seeds come from so you are sure to get great quality genetics from both these companies. With many cannabis seed suppliers in the USA you’ll be paying a premium markup on these seeds even if they were produced in the US. Most seed companies are also resellers who buy the seeds from Europe anyway.

At ILGM keep in mind that the price includes free shipping to the USA. This is something that few seed companies can offer. Their selection is between 100-200 different strains ranging from regular seeds to autoflower, feminized, high THC and high CBD cannabis strains.

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Seedsman seeds also ships cannabis seeds to the USA. While its not free shipping it only costs $9.85 for shipping even for a large order. On top of that you’ll get the free seeds that they like to include in every purchase. Being able to grow another strain for free along side the one you plan on is a great way to find your new favorite or share some with other growers. Being able to provide European cannabis genetics in the US is also a great way to set yourself apart as a grower and provide something that may different than what everyone else is growing. A lot of the cannabis genetics in the states come from California, Oregon and Colorado so if you’d like to grow or offer something new Seedsman has thousands of strains to choose from.

Cannabis Seeds in Canada

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While there are a handful of cannabis seed companies in Canada, to my professional knowledge they are all resellers of cannabis seeds from Europe or resellers of other company’s seeds (most of which are also from Europe). This is why I think Seedsman is one of the best cannabis seed suppliers to Canada. They have a wide selection of cannabis seeds that I have seen no where else online. Not only do they have their own seed strains available (like “Peyote Gorilla”) but they provide access to many other European cannabis seed brands through their site.

Seedsman has been selling cannabis seeds to Canada and the rest of the world for over 18 years now. This is a company that has a long established history and I see many cannabis growers from Canada posting pictures of their plants on Instagram grown from seedsman seeds. I’m personally looking forward to doing some posts of cannabis plants after trying out some of their seeds.

The cost of shipping is also very reasonable and is comparable to what some Amazon shipments or any other retailer cost. The other thing that Seedsman does is give you extra free seeds with your order. I added 5 Strawberry Cheescake Autoflower seeds to my cart and they added 3 Feminized Blueberry seeds to the order for free.

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Cannabis Seeds in Australia

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Finding cannabis seeds in Australia can be quite difficult. Thankfully both ILGM and Seedsman ship to all Australian states. At ILGM you can select your seeds by climate. So if you’re growing in the diverse climate that Melbourne has, the mild climate of Sydney or the ever sunny and warm climate of Brisbane you can narrow down your selections. Most cannabis strains have evolved to be very adaptive and do well in sunny climates like Australia but others prefer cooler climates and might grow better indoors. You can also select seeds based on whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors.

ILGM often does a deal where if you buy 10 seeds you get 10 more seeds for free so be sure to look out for those when they pop up. Shipping to Australia from ILGM is $25 which is fairly reasonable. This includes Tasmania.

Seedman also ships to Australia, includes extra free seeds and has a very reasonable tracked/not tracked shipping option for only $14. They also have the ability to sort strains by the type of climate and choose from growing indoors or outside. You can also dial things in a bit further by selecting strains based on color, taste, THC levels, CBD levels, plant height, yields and even effects. Since Seedsman has a much larger selection (in the thousands) you’ll most likely be able to find something you never thought of growing before.

UK Cannabis Seeds

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While Brexit has presented a few challenges, Seedsman still ships to the United Kingdom. Since their seeds come from a few different locations there are certain strains that may or may not be available in your area in the UK. Be sure to select your country when shopping from the UK to see which strains are available. The great thing is you can still order cannabis seeds and have them shipped to the UK.

The shipping costs from Seedsman have been the most reasonable I’ve seen from any cannabis company even with Brexit. If your ordering seeds from the UK be sure to check out seeds for “greenhouse” and “indoors” since I know most of you are growing indoors by some method. Because its Seedsman, you’ll have access to many of Europe’s cannabis seed brands and get the free extra seeds with your order.

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Cannabis Seed Supplier Shipping Worldwide

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There are a few things that really stand out with seedsman.

  • Their commitment to preserving cannabis seed genetics
  • Involvement in organizations around cannabis
  • Generous pricing compared to most seed suppliers
  • Response time
  • Reviews from the cannabis community

The first was the price. You can be paying as little as $5 to $7 a seed depending on the cannabis strain and how many you purchase, which they give you a discount for buying more. The second was both the diversity of genetics and the large selection of cannabis seed strains available. They literally have thousands of cannabis strains (many of which I didn’t know existed but sound like very interesting genetic mixes). Seedsman provides cannabis seeds under their own brand as well as other European brands. So if you have a preferred European company you can purchase through seedsman.

Seedsman might be the most reviewed seed company online with over 17 thousand reviews from the community and standing at a rating of 4.2 out of 5. Since those ratings come from every country around the world and they’ve been established fro more than 18 years, they have to be doing things really right. You can buy Seedsman cannabis seeds anywhere in the world.