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Green Crack Strain Info & Growing Guide

green crack strain plant flower

Green Crack, which depending on where you buy it is also called “Green Cush”, is a sativa dominant strain with a great flavor and even better effects. Its can be used everyday at any time of the day especially for creative endeavors. I find that the effects can vary depending on the state of mind and what time of day but the effects will usually lean toward the sativa side. Visually its a very beautiful plant producing buds that have thick trichomes with a delicious flavor. I would almost describe the flavor as being mango and somewhat fruity. For a strain with such great effects, flavor and experience the name “Green Cush” is a more fitting name.

Green Crack Strain Lineage & Appearance

Skunk #1

Skunk #1 is a hybrid thats been around for a few decades and has some South America sativa genetics combined with Afghani indica genetics. Its effects are mainly sativa and high energy coming from the South American genes. Since this strain strain has been around so long, breeders have a good handle on the genetics and its been used to make numerous other cannabis strains that are great in their own right and Green Crack is no exception.

Afghani Indica Landrace

This is where Green Crack gets its indica genetics from. Mainly the presence of linalool, the relaxing terpene, can help provide physical relaxation and more of a soothing vibe to the body while the sativa genetics affect both the mind and body. Green Crack makes for and interesting duality in its effects where sativa typically is more dominant.

Green Crack Strain Effects

green crack strain trichomes

The particular version of Green Crack I’ve had was “Green Cush” from Peers Cannabis and its by far one of my favorite cannabis strains. I found that I could use it any time of the day and even though it is categorized as a sativa, depending on how tired I was, had no problem falling asleep in the evenings. It is for sure a “creative strain” and would be great for writing, drawing, getting ideas out and it does have the ability to increase libido making it a great strain for couples too.

I find that when using it during the ay Green Crack can be quite energetic, inspiring and mood improving. When used in the evening it can have the same effects but it can also be relaxing as it does have the presence of some linalool. I think the difference in effects may come from the state of the body and mind beforehand. So if you already wide awake it can help enhance that and provide a great boost throughout the day. But if your tired there can be an initial energy hit that quickly tapers off into deeply relaxing.

While Green Crack is categorized as a sativa it can have some hybrid effects depending on the phenotype due to the indica genetics its gets from the Afghani side. So its more of a state “enhancing” cannabis strain. Which makes it very usable as an everyday strain. As aside note, if you have one of the phenotypes that tests much higher in THC around 21%+ a little will go a long way and a lot will have very energetic sativa effects. So the effects can vary depending on how much THC is in the cannabis strain. I find that the lower THC versions below 19% are more enjoyable.

Green Crack THC & CBD Content

green crack strain flower

The THC levels of Green Crack is around 18%. Some phenotypes have been known to test up to 21% on the high end. With the particular terpene profile and effects I think this hits the sweet spot in THC levels. Its not too much and definitely not too little. I find that with cannabis strains that have THC levels between 15%-19% are probably ideal for most people since it allows you to consume a decent amount without getting too high and not having to consume a lot to get to that point. Allowing the user to control the experience a little more. Compare that to cannabis strains that have 25%+ THC and your high as a kite after a few hits dealing with possible paranoia especially if its a sativa. This is why I think Green Crack is such a popular strain and why so many people enjoy it. The effects, THC levels and flavor are what a lot of people are looking for in an everyday use cannabis strain.

The CBD levels of Green Crack are 1% or lower. This is fairly low which is to be expected and averages around what most other cannabis strains have. So if your looking for a high CBD strain, Green Crack isn’t the one. Humboldt Seeds did breed together Orange CBD with Green Crack to produce “Green Crack CBD” which will have around 12% CBD and much lower THC around 6%.

Green Crack Terpene Profile

  • Myrcene
  • Caryophyllene
  • Pinene
  • Humulene
  • Ocimene
  • Limonene
  • Linalool
  • Terpinolene

Green Crack Strain Growing Guide

Green Crack Growing in Greenhouse
Green Crack Growing in Greenhouse

As you would expect with a sativa dominant strain, Green Grack can grow fairly tall between 5-6ft so if your growing Green Crack indoors be sure to have plenty of vertical space available. If limited space is available indoors or you just want to keep it short you can “top” Green Crack and spread out the branches giving it more canopy cover and exposure to more even sunlight.

Due to the diversity of genetics in Green Crack this is a fairly resilient strain that while growing isn’t susceptible to anything in particular. The things to look out for are the typical things like root rot from watering too much or mold and mildew from not providing enough fresh air flow. All of these are easily maintained and are common growing mistakes with any cannabis strain. Thanks to the proven genetics from Skunk #1 and the legacy genetics provided by the mysterious indica, Green Crack is a fairly easy strain to grow.

The closer you live to the equator the better this strain will grow especially if your growing it outside. If you live up North or far South I would highly recommend growing this strain indoors where you have better control over the growing environment and can provide something more arid that Green Crack prefers.

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