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Grapefruit Cannabis Strain Information

grapefruit cannabis strain with fruit

Grapefruit cannabis strain is one of the strongest (if not the most potent) sativa strains out there. No one know’s yet if a completely 100% sativa can genetically exist, same goes for indicas. That being said, the Grapefruit strain can be tested at being 90% sativa.

Because of Grapefruit strain’s potency and effects, its genetics have been used to create numerous other variations of the strain like Iced Grapefruit and Grapefruit Kush. Due to its energetic nature, the Grapefruit strain could be used for some recreational activities in your leisure time.

Grapefruit Strain Lineage & Appearance

Grapefruit was created by crossing Cinderella 99 (which is known for its large yields, potent mind high and fruity flavors) and another unknown sativa that had the genetic ability to flower quickly.

Cinderella 99 became very popular due to its short bushy structure and large yields making it perfect to hide and grow indoors. For a sativa plant, it is very uncommon to grow less than 30 centimeters as sativas tend to grow very tall.

Grapefruit Strain Flavors & Aroma

“Grapefruit” is true to its name that the flavors of this strain are of citrus, grapefruit and a slight earthy taste. Like most cannabis strains with a fruity scent, they make you want to go in for repeat smells. While it does smell like grapefruit and citrus, some also describe it as having bitter undertones. Keep in mind that the fruit itself is bitter so the name of this strain couldn’t be more accurate.

Effects of Grapefruit Cannabis

Since grapefruit is a rare 90% sativa, its effects are on the stimulating side creating energy. Most strong sativas generally have mid to high levels of THC. This in combination with its energizing effects can effect minds differently. Some may find it to be liberating, focused and creative while others can find it to be too much with cases of anxiety or paranoia. Its best to tell both sides of strains as no strain is perfect.

In general, some typical negative effects of the Grapefruit strain are like other strong sativas… dry eyes, dry mouth and dizziness.

For those who can enjoy a strong sativa with high THC, its ideal for activities where you can check out and do repetitive activities like cleaning, yoga, art or rolling more cannabis. Its a social cannabis strain so some positive effects of the Grapefruit strain are more energy, euphoria, stress relief, combating depression and light pain management. For chronic pains, higher CBD indica/hybrid strains are better suited.

Grapefruit Strain THC and CBD Levels

Grapefruit strain THC levels average in the 20% THC range. Some strains test a little higher or lower depending on the genetics. It has been know to test up to 25% THC and as low as 15%.

Unfortunately, CBD levels in the Grapefruit strain are very low. Low enough that it wouldn’t provide much benefit. Keep in mind that its not just CBD in cannabis that has medical benefits. Depending on the case, THC can be used in a variety of instances.

Medical Benefits of the Grapefruit Cannabis Strain

Managing depression, stress and sleepiness are some of the medical benefits of the Grapefruit strain. It can be used to help with pain from headaches, migraines and manage lighter physical pains.

For women, as with most cannabis, the Grapefruit cannabis strain can also help manage pain from PMS. It can help with nausea, muscle relaxing, cramps and enhance mood.

Commercial Uses of Grapefruit Strain

Due to Grapefruit being a sativa high in THC, it would be ideal for “1 hit” morning/daytime use products like dabs/ waxes, vape oils and pinners. The Grapefruit cannabis strain produces the following terpenes:

  • Alpha Pinene
  • Beta Pinene
  • Beta Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Terpinolene
  • Linalool
  • Caryophyllene
  • Humulene
  • Nerolidiol 1/2
  • Carene

Where to Find Grapefruit Strain

The Grapefruit strain without any crossbreeding is very hard to find. Many places have some version of Grapefruit that’s usually crossed with another strain. Here are some places in the United States that carry it:

  • Lux Pot Shop in Seattle, WA carries both Grapefruit pre-rolls and dry flower by a company called “TrailBlazin” and a Pink Grapefruit drink.
  • New Amsterdam Naturals in Los Angeles has Grapefruit CBD blend concentrate.

How to Grow Grapefruit Cannabis

After germinating the seeds, and placing them in your choice of growing medium (like soil or hydroponics) growing Grapefruit cannabis will be the same as growing other strains. Germination, planting and implementing a light schedule until flowering and harvest. Here’s what to expect from this cannabis plant.

  • Moderately difficult to grow
  • Grapefruit Strain Flowering Time: 60-70 days
  • Will reach a height up to 3ft (91cm) when done growing
  • Can yield between 2-3 ounces (56-85 grams) of cannabis flower per square foot

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