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Durban Poison Cannabis Strain & Growing Information

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This cannabis strain is one of the purest sativas on the planet and comes from South Africa near a city called Durban which is where we get the name “Durban Poison”. Whatever specific growing conditions, climate, soil nutrients etc. that were present during the evolution of the Durban Poison strain… they must have been perfect because this is by far one of the best cannabis strains for growers and smokers. Its very easy to grow and produces clear headed effects ideal for daytime users.

Durban Poison Lineage & Appearance

Durban Poison an African sativa landrace strain and because of that no one knows what lineage this strain has. With all landrace strains, the genetics go back so far that its difficult to tell what former strains were crossed to make them or if they evolved thousands of years without cross pollination from other strains.

The Durban Poison strain appearance is bright green with bright green leaves that can have a red tinge toward the ends. The flower buds are large, dense, often tall, narrow and compact with fiery orange pistils and a lot of frosty trichomes. It can grow to be very tall and will produce more flowers if grown outdoors.

Durban Poison Flavors & Aroma

The aroma of Durban Poison is a variety of scents. The strongest scent coming from this strain is like diesel and cheese. Other scents are floral, earthy, citrus and sweet all of which come from the terpene profile explained under “Commercial Uses of this Strain” below. If doing a stealth grow indoors, this is a cannabis strain you definitely would want a carbon filter on due to the fragrance. The flavors of this strain are earthy, pine and spicy thanks to the other terpenes like pinene and caryophyllene. The smoke from Durban Poison is very thick and strong with an earthy taste.

Durban Poison Strain Effects & Side Effects

Duban Poison is comparable to being the “coffee” of the cannabis world. Being one of the most potent sativas it has very energizing and uplifting effects all while leaving the head clear minded. This makes for an ideal strain for daytime use since users can focus and be energized which sounds a lot like coffee on top of the strain making you very happy. The high is more focused on the head since its a sativa as opposed to the body high found in indicas. Another common effect of Durban Poison is to feel creative in combination with the energizing effects which may be good for art, music, writing or getting things accomplished around the house.

With all of the good effects there has to be a little of the other to go along with it. Like many sativa strains the most common side effects of Durban Poison are dry mouth and dry eyes. Since THC is similar to a compound that inhibits the production of saliva, higher amounts of it can cause dry mouth. If the user is sensitive to THC, sometimes side effects like anxiety and paranoia can kick in but easily remedied with some CBD oil.

Durban Poison THC & CBD Content

Durban Poison produces a large amount of THC so 1-2 hits of this strain would work for most people. It has been tested up to 26% THC but averages around 22% THC content. CBD produced in Durban Poison is often tested far below 1% CBD. Even though this strain isn’t high in CBD it is still beneficial for particular medical uses/cases.

Medical Benefits of Durban Poison

While Durban Poison has very little CBD content it still has great uses for its medical benefits. Since it is very useful during the day, Durban Poison’s benefits against depression, stress, fatigue, pain and nausea are great for patients who need medical relief during the day and still need to get things done. This is high THC strain so it can help stimulate appetite for those who don’t feel hungry but should be eating for better recovery.

Commercial Uses of this Strain

The stable genetics and potent sativa effects of this strain make it a great candidate for creating new cannabis strains. The genetics of the Durban Poison strain have gone on to create what may be one of the most famous cannabis strains ever created “Girl Scout Cookies”. Growers crossed OG Kush and Durban Poison to create it which is a great example of using stable genetics and unique effects of 2 strains to create a new and truly awesome cannabis strain that the world hasn’t seen before.

Daytime products marketed toward creativity and energy would be great to see at dispensaries. Much like how people turn to energy drinks to get through the day some cannabis products made with Durban Poison’s effects would be of use to society and could sell just as well.

Durban Poison Terpene Profile

Compared to many other cannabis strains Durban Poison produces a large amount of specific terpenes which may have something to do with the landrace genetics it has along with the growing climate. Durban Poison produces the following terpene profile (data results from testing facility in Seattle, WA) which could also be used for their therapeutic benefits.

  • Limonene: 5%
  • Linalool: 3.53%
  • Humulene: 1.83%
  • Caryophyllene: 0.36%
  • Mercene: 0.20%
  • Pinene: 0.20%
  • Terpinolene: 0.01%

How to Grow Durban Poison & Growing Tips

If your growing cannabis for the first time or are new to growing, Durban Poison would be a great strain to start with. Its very easy to grow, forgiving and at the end of a successful grow you’ll have one of the best sativa buds to enjoy the fruits of your labor making it one of the best cannabis strains to grow. This strain will grow to be very tall so if your doing an indoor grow make sure to have a lot of overhead space. Growing it in a sunny backyard is the best option if you have the climate for it.

The ideal conditions for growing Durban Poison outdoors would be in a warm sunny climate that doesn’t get frost. So areas like Southern California, South America, Africa, India and Australia would be great places to grow this strain. If growing this strain indoors, creating an environment that best matches the outdoor specifications would produce the best results. Make sure that its climate and humidity controlled with great grow lights and you should be good to go. Its also very resistant to many forms of bacteria, mold, fungus and pests that would normally effect how a cannabis plant grows.

  • Flowering Time Indoors: Produces flowers in 7-9 weeks
  • Durban Poison Yield Indoors: 300-400 grams
  • Flowering Time Outdoors: Harvested in September or early October
  • Durban Poison Yield Outdoors: 450-550 grams

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