Cannabis Sativa

Sativas are the more genetically dominant male cannabis strains and are known for creating a cerebral high. Some liken it to a cup of coffee and are great for using during the daytime or outdoor activities.
Sativa plants are identifiable by their thin leaves and taller heights.
Some famous sativas are Jack Herer, Lemon Haze, Green Crack and Lamb’s Bread.

sativa leaf
green crack strain plant flower

Green Crack Strain Info & Growing Guide

Green Crack, which depending on where you buy it is also called “Green Cush”, is a sativa dominant strain with a great flavor and even better effects. Its can be used everyday at any time of the day especially for creative endeavors. I find that the effects can vary depending…

acapulco gold cannabis strain

Acapulco Gold Strain & Growing Info

Acapulco Gold may be one of the most famous cannabis strains ever discovered. This Central American strain became so popular in cannabis culture ...

harlequin cannabis strain plant

Harlequin Strain Details & CBD Content

Known for its very high CBD content, Harlequin strain is very popular among medical cannabis users in part to its low THC content. Low THC and ...

haze strain cannabis plant

Haze Strain Background & THC Level

Haze is a strain with interesting origins. Its still somewhat a mystery as to how the strain came to be and has many stories of legends and ...

jack herer cannabis strain plant

Jack Herer Strain Info & THC Levels

While the genetics of the Jack Herer strain show it as being 55%-60% sativa (making it a hybrid if it was any other strain) the effects are very ...

Fruit Punch Strain Information

Fruit Punch strain is a hybrid/sativa dominant cannabis strain that comes from a wide variety of strains all selected for their unique, well ...