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Blackberry Kush Strain Details & THC Content

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The Blackberry Kush strain is known for its flavor, smell of berries and deep relaxing effects that help many users fall asleep. This heavy indica with a wide range of medical uses grows faster than most cannabis plants and will produce rather large, dense buds. Thanks to its genetics, it produces medium to high THC levels and can be resistant to some diseases which makes it a little easier to grow.

Lineage & Appearance

Blackberry Kush comes from combining Blackberry with Afghani. Both are cannabis strains that have been around for quite some time and have been known for their strong genetics and effects used to improve other cannabis strains.

  • Afghani Strain
    • original landrace strain form the Afghani region
    • very potent indica strain
    • flavors of earth & pine
    • great for medical uses
    • parent to numerous cannabis strains
  • Blackberry Strain
    • hybrid strain produced from Black Domina and Raspberry Cough
    • created in 2009 by experienced breeders
    • medium sized plant with fruity & sweet flavors
    • good for medicinal use
    • also parent to numerous other strains

By choosing a landrace strain (Afghani) and combining it with a strain that produces a sativa like high with large yields (Blackberry), we get the resulting Blackberry Kush strain that flowers in a much shorter time and is capable of numerous medicinal benefits. This strain is roughly 80% indica and can range in color from bright green to very deep purple. Most Blackberry Kush flowers will appear mostly purple with very few being only green in color.

Flavors & Aroma

Blackberry Kush comes with strong flavors of Earth, berries, cherries and diesel in the thick smoke that has a lasting effect. The aroma is very strong and consists of blackberries and spices. Its one of those strains where the smell is so pungent it fills the area for quite a while. A common trait among potent indicas.

Blackberry Kush Strain Effects

Blackberry Kush creates uplifted, euphoric effects (which come from the hybrid parent Blackberry) accompanied by very strong sedated and sleepy effects (provided by the indica parent Afghani). The euphoria and sleepiness is often accompanied by happiness, relaxation and of course the munchies.

Some of the negative effects that can occur with this strain are dry eyes, cotton mouth and dizziness. The dizziness can occur due to the high THC content combined with it’s potent indica status.

Blackberry Kush THC Content

The THC content in Blackberry Kush is medium-high ranging from 15%-20% THC at the highest. Both parents produce roughly the same range of THC content so it speaks to the genetics that after producing a new cannabis plant the THC remains relatively the same.

It does produce some CBD content but at very low amounts ranging from 0.15% to 0.55% CBD (data provided by Analytical 360). So if your looking for an indica with high CBD levels this isn’t the one but it still has a wide range of medical benefits.

Medical Benefits

  • Insomnia – after a few hits of Blackberry Kush you wont have much of a choice but to lay down, take a nap or go into a deep sleep for the night
  • Depression – In the same way that all the beneficial molecules react with our receptors to be beneficial for stress, this also helps with depression which is attributed to the uplifting, euphoric effects.
  • Nausea – The beneficial chemicals produced in the flower help ease the nerve signals that cause nausea.
  • Stress – the relaxing benefits aren’t just for the body, it helps to relax the mind as well. The endocannabinoid receptors in our bodies also receive all the good signals from the wide range of cannabinoids produced in the flower.
  • Pain – The mid to high THC content combined with other cannabinoids that this plant produces, it may help alleviate pain.

Commercial Uses

This strain is ideal for producing products used medicinally. If marketed for evening to night time use, Blackberry Kush would be great in making edibles, oils, shatters and pre-rolls. Blackberry kush oil is ideal for vape cartridges which typically react with the body faster making it quicker and easier to fall asleep. Shatter would also go a long way in this case being that its concentrated. 1 dab would relax the body and put you to sleep quite fast making it a great deal for customers.

Blackberry Kush can produce the following terpenes profile and may vary slightly depending on the strain:

  • Caryophyllene
  • Limonene
  • Alpha Pinene
  • Humulene
  • Myrcene

How to Grow Blackberry Kush Strain & Flowering Time

Blackberry Kush can normally be found in 2 different versions, feminized and autoflower. Blackberry Kush autoflower contains ruderalis genetics which allow it to produce flowers on automatic. This strain would normally come in a feminized version, which makes it very low to zero chance that you’ll get any male plants which don’t produce any flower. The autoflower Blackberry Kush strain makes it easier to grow by removing 1 of the steps required int growing cannabis plants which is to trigger the flowering process through a specific light schedule.

This strain is usually easy to medium difficulty in growing and will be of medium height between 3-6 feet (0.5-1 meter). Its best to have some extra grow room in case the cannabis plant turns out to be a tall one. The flowering time is between 7-9 weeks which is a lot shorter compared to the flowering time of most cannabis strains. Blackberry Kush will yield anywhere between 15-28 ounces (425-800 grams) of flower per plant in that time period depending on whether its grown indoors or outside. Buds on this strain can also grow to be very large and heavy. Keep this in mind and be sure to use some stakes or string up the branches to prevent the stalks from falling over.

This particular strain can be resistant to mold but be prone to pests and fungi. Pro growing tip: by using some Neem oil (a natural plant oil) diluted in water, by spraying some of this solution on the plant, this can help prevent any pests or fungi from attacking your cannabis plants as it grows while not affecting the quality of the flowers when used in small amounts.

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