Cannabis Indica

Indica strains are the more genetically dominant female varieties that have sedative, body and mind relaxing effects. These strains are often used for medicinal benefits that involve relaxing effects. Simply put, indicas create a body high. Their identifiable by their large broad leaves.
Some of the most popular indicas are Granddaddy Purple, Bubba Kush, Northern Lights and Blueberry.

indica leaf
purple punch strain cannabis

Purple Punch Strain & Growing Info

Known for it’s sweet taste, scent of grapes & berries, the Purple Punch strain is one of the tastiest and hard hitting indica strains ...


Afghani Landrace Cannabis Strain Info

Afghani is one of the few landrace strains around today, that we are aware of. There are about 16 of these ancient cannabis strains that have ...

la confidential strain plant

LA Confidential Strain Information

Created with an abundance of Afghani genetics from both parents, the LA Confidential strain is one of the most potent indicas with some of the ...

grand daddy purple strain grapes

Grand Daddy Purple Strain Information

The Grand Daddy Purple strain is a knockout legend in the world of indicas. This strain is ideal for couch lock or a heavy nights rest. Its very ...