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Sinaloa Gold Strain Info & Genetics

sinaloa gold

Sinaloa Gold comes from Delta 9 Cannabis, a cannabis company based in Winnipeg Manitoba. Many Canadian cannabis companies and growers have been known for coming up with amazing cannabis strains or variants. Sinaloa Gold is going one of those strains.

There is no genetic information referenced on the grower’s site (so the genetic makeup is still somewhat a mystery). But based on the effects, appearance, smell, flavor, THC levels and terpene profiles we can narrow it down to 2 likely strain candidates. So let’s review what we do know about Sinaloa Gold.

Sinaloa Gold Strain Flavors & Aroma

Sinaloa Gold Ground Flower

The smell I get from Sinaloa Gold smells like sweet/burnt toffee and a bit floral with earthy undertones. The flavor is super smooth which makes it very easy to consume but this is one of those strains you want to take your time with. Sinaloa Gold may seem sort of “middle of the road” like Jack Herer but the THC levels (at least with the flower I had) seemed much higher. A few puffs and you’re good to go. But get carried away and finish a whole joint, the THC will put you on another planet.

I’ve never had any surprises with the Jack Herer strain (which has always provided fairly reliable and expected states) but I have been surprised by Acapulco Gold before. Acapulco Gold is a strain you take your time with and a little can go a long way. So the THC effects of Sinaloa Gold are more similar to Acapulco Gold strain, while the flavor and smell could be a combination of both strains.

Sinaloa Gold THC & CBD Content

THC Level:15%-23%
CBD Level:<1%

Both CBD and THC levels are similar to Jack Herer and Acapulco Gold. These are also the same numbers to expect if you had crossed both strains.

Sinaloa Gold Effects & Side Effects

The effects of Sinaloa Gold are very functional and creative. I find in smaller doses Sinaloa Gold is ideal for going on walks, hikes and getting creative work done like writing or art. In larger doses it better suited for steady exercise or creative endeavors.

If you also need to “shut off” racing parts of your mind so that you can sleep I find it can work well for that too, just not in the same “sedative like” way that an Indica does it. On occasion, Sinaloa Gold does give you a little more mental energy and creativity if used at night. So I’d say this strain is better suited for early morning and daytime/early evening use. Sinaloa Gold is categorized as a hybrid with effects that are leaning toward a hybrid that is sativa dominant.

Terpene Profile of Sinaloa Gold

It seems the terpene profiles are very similar to both Jack Herer and Acapulco Gold strains. Terpene percentages for Sinaloa Gold are not yet available.

Sinaloa GoldJack HererAcapulco Gold
CaryophylleneCaryophyllene: 0.05%Caryophyllene: 0.42%
LimoneneLimonene: 0.08%Limonene: 0.24%
MyrceneMyrcene: 0.52%Myrcene: 0.19%
HumuleneHumulene: 0.08%Humulene: 0.14%

Review and Summary of Sinaloa Gold

While the terepene profiles are very similar to Jack Herer, there are 2 dominant terpenes humulene and caryophyllene that are also dominant in Acapulco Gold. Both Jack Herer and Sinaloa gold are categorized as hybrids where Acapulco is labeled as a sativa. The effects of Sinaloa Gold are almost identical to Jack Herer with both the appearance and smell being very similar. THC and CBD levels also match up with the Jack Herer strain.

As much as I would have liked Sinaloa Gold to be an Acapulco Gold cross of some kind, its possible it may be a phenotype of Jack Herer (a variant of Jack Herer strain that has displayed slightly different traits). With the characteristics that Sinaloa Gold has, it could potentially be a cross between both Jack Herer and Acapulco Gold.

After reaching out to Delta 9 about Sinaloa Gold I received a very interesting reply from the great team they have over there:

Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately we do not have any more information regarding that strain at this time as that is a genetic that was in a seedbank left to us by a past head grower and there is no information regarding that strain’s lineage. We wish we could offer some more information but unfortunately we have none. Sorry for any inconvenience!
Customer Care Team Delta 9

For whats its worth, I think Delta 9 have an excellent cannabis strain on their hands and their previous head grower had some serious talent. I’m very glad to have this strain here in Canada and looking forward to trying out more from Delta 9 Cannabis.

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Comments (1)
  • Doug
     on April 18, 2021

    I believe its a acapulco gold and jack herer cross. Its very good and the price is right, 🍻


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