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LSD Strain Info, THC & Growing Guide

lsd cannabis strain

LSD strain comes from a combination of a very strong indica from northern Afghanistan and a hybrid that has been extremely popular since the 1970’s. The combination of these two strains creates a potent cannabis hybrid with cerebral stimulating effects (which some describe as euphoric) and relaxing body effects from the indica genetics.

LSD Strain Lineage & Appearance

The indica known as Mazar I Sharif can grow up to 4 meters in height and produces flowers full of resin. The other parent is Skunk No.1 (the epic strain from the 1970’s) that has produced numerous other hybrids. Skunk No.1 actually came about from a breeder in Denver Colorado that combined two of the best strains during the 70’s, Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold that took multiple generations to achieve.

By combining a hybrid with such attributes and a potent indica from the Middle East we get the what is known as the LSD strain. The physical appearance of the LSD strain looks much more like the hybrid parent Skunk No.1 with ranges of deep green colors and thin leaves. The name “LSD” is derivative of the euphoric head high coming from its unique genetics and larger amounts THC.

Mazar I Sharif

  • Hard to find indica (80% indica)
  • Descendant of Afghani strain
  • Potent 20%+ THC levels
  • Tall cannabis plant with high yields

Skunk No.1

  • Comes from 3 land race strain combinations Afghani, Acapulco Gold, Colombian Gold
  • An indica dominant hybrid which produces high flower yields
  • Resistant to mold, mildew and other growing issues
  • Can be grown indoors or outdoors

LSD Strain Flavors & Aroma

LSD can be described as citrus, earthy with a hint of sweet after taste. Inheriting some characteristics of its parent cannabis plants it can also taste and smell a bit skunky coming form the Skunk #1 genetics. The aroma has other similar qualities smelling or earth and flowers.

LSD Strain Effects & Side Effects

LSD Strain Flower

Effects of the LSD strain include euphoria, being very relaxed, uplifted and depending on how your feeling at the moment can amplify some energy or ease you down into a state of relaxation (which comes from the indica parents properties). The feeling of euphoria is the most notable and due the the cerebral effects is where the LSD strain gets its name. Due to it’s potent levels of THC (up to 24%), the high from the LSD strain is usually long lasting. Some may have somewhat psychedelic effects giving weight to its name.

Negative effects of the LSD strain include typical effects associated with many other strains like dry mouth and dry eyes. The kind of strain you want to keep a bottle of water around with. Some users report paranoia so its best to use in small doses. This is a common effect with strains that have high THC levels but over time it possible to build up resistance.

Medical Uses of LSD Strain

LSD is an ideal strain to help reduce stress and depression due to it’s “uplifting” effects while relaxing the body. Because its a hybrid, your still functional making it a great tension reliever. Note: Due to some of the negative effects associated with potent THC, it may not be right for some patients. The most common use of the LSD strain for medical purposes is the relief of pain, depression and nausea.

Commercial uses of this strain: Due the the strong resin production of the indica parent, Mazar I Sharif, LSD makes a great strain to produce beautiful dark green resin. This can be used to make potent concentrates and shatters to provide both recreational and medical customers with a great experience and something new to try.

LSD Strain THC & CBD Content

THC Level:24%
CBD Level:1 – 5%

Due to the hybrid parent’s lineage, Skunk No.1, LSD strain can produce high levels of THC. Skunk No.1 has the genetics of very potent strains like Acapulco Gold which had untold levels of THC over 4 decades ago.

LSD Strain Terpene Profiles

Alpha Pinene:0.01 – 0.044%
Beta Pinene:0.01 – 0.067%
Myrcene:0.10 – 0.623%
Limonene:0.01 – 0.291%
Ocimene:< 0.022%
Terpinolene:0.25 – 0.57%
Linalool:0.01 – 0.022%
Caryophyllene:0.252 – 0.30%
Humulene:0.084 – 0.36%

How to Grow LSD Strain & Growing Guide

The LSD strain is easy to grow due to its natural resistance to many diseases that other cannabis plant fall to along with resistance to molds and mildews. This is a great example of it’s genetic diversity from the Skunk No.1 strain. LSD can be grown both indoors and outside. After 8-9 weeks this strain can produce up to 650 grams of flower per plant and usually grows no higher than 46 inches (4 ft). Due to its small size compared to other cannabis plants this strain is ideal for growing indoors and using a cannabis grow box or grow tent.

The ideal climate is 65-80°F (15-26°C) with low humidity, lots of airflow. This is a similar outdoor climate that its parent strains originated in (Colombia and Afghanistan). So the closer you can mimic that climate, the better results you’ll get from growing the LSD strain at home.

If growing the LSD strain outdoors, make sure to have the growing area covered with access to sunlight. A small greenhouse would be ideal. This will optimize warmth, sunlight and provide some control to the humidity levels which this strain in particular needs to have dialed in to a lower humidity due to the density of the flower buds.

When harvesting the LSD strain, be sure to keep the drying room a little dryer compared to other strains. Due to the density of the buds it may have similar problems as its parent strain Skunk #1 when in the drying process the center of the buds can become prone to mildew after harvest. A simple humidity adjustment can help solve this. The LSD strain is known to produce very high yields thanks to the genetic lineage. So be sure to have extra room for drying those buds after harvest. Hanging them upside down by the branches on a drying rack will provide the best curing process.

If you’d like to start growing the LSD strain in soil at home, I’ve made a complete guide on growing cannabis in soil that will guide you from sprouting the seed to growing flowers ready for harvest.

Where to Buy LSD Cannabis Seeds

There are a few well known cannabis seed suppliers that provide LSD seeds with great genetics and we’ve partnered with one of them to provide feminized LSD strain seeds to the United States, Australia and New Zealand. These particular cannabis seed genetics make the LSD strain easy to grow, have been tested to have high THC levels and flower in around 8 weeks.

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