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Girl Scout Cookies Strain & Growing Guide

girl scout cookies strain gsc

Girl Scout Cookies strain (also known as GSC) is one of the world’s most famous cannabis hybrids. Its an indica leaning strain with high THC content and is great for relaxing in the evening while still being mentally stimulated. GSC is a very popular strain in California and widely available at many dispensaries in every state and province.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Lineage & Appearance

Girl Scout Cookies comes from combining Durban Poison which is a very potent sativa landrace strain that’s immune to just about everything and easy to grow combine with OG Kush a very popular hybrid used to make many other Kush strains. The result is a hybrid that has given grounds for numerous other strain variations called phenotypes like Platinum Cookies and Thin Mint. Even though its a hybrid its indica genetics are visible in the color and physical features. The color of GSC is often bright green with a lot of purple throughout the leaves and flower buds. Just like indicas, its also fairly short, dense and bushy.

girl scout cookies strain flower trichomes
  • Durban Poison
    • Strong sativa with potent levels of THC
    • Resistant to many diseases
    • Grows to be very tall with large buds
    • “Coffee” of the cannabis plants
    • Short flowering time
  • OG Kush
    • The best of California & Amsterdam
    • Used as base genetics for many Kush strains on the West Coast
    • Short flowering time
    • Very strong Kush strain originating in Florida and further propagating throughout California

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Flavors & Aroma

The aroma of Girl Scout Cookies strain is fruity, minty, earthy and a bit skunky. The earthy flavor has somewhat of a chocolaty taste which would be appropriate give the name of the strain. The smoke from GSC can be smooth and not too harsh.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Effects & Side Effects

Since the Girls Scout Cookies strain is an indica leaning hybrid it can have some relaxing effects. This strain is best used toward the end of the day for that reason. While it can be relaxing, it still has some creative effects to get some work done in the evening be it writing, art or physical activities like yoga. While the effects are physically relaxing, mentally it is very stimulating. Many users report effects of being happy, uplifted, euphoric and creative.

The most common side effects reported are dry mouth and dry eyes which is common among most cannabis strains. As with most high THC strains another common side effect is paranoia. This side effect doesn’t come from this particular strain, it comes from consuming too much of a strain with potent THC content. Thankfully with the indica dominant properties of GSC this usually isn’t an issue.

Girl Scout Cookies THC & CBD Content

THC content in Girls Scout Cookies strain can test up to 28% THC at the highest but depending on the growers and the climate it most will average in the 20% range. The high THC levels is one of the things that made this cannabis strain popular in combination with the effects.

CBD content in the Girls Scout Cookies strain usually tests below 1% CBD. So this strain is ideal for users that want effects and benefits of THC as opposed to more CBD focused strains.

Medical Benefits of Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Strain

The Girls Scout Cookies strain is also known for being used for it’s medical benefits. It’s indica leaning properties combined with the high THC can offer relief for a wide variety of medical issues. High THC strains are often good for inducing appetite, relieving muscle spasms, relieving stress and pain.

GSC is a great alternative to indica strains that are high in THC for users that don’t want to be completely sedated. Indicas are known for they’re very sedating effects that often help users fall asleep. Some users may want to feel relaxed without being sedated and still get the benefits of high THC which the Girls Scout Cookies strain is perfect for.

Commercial Uses of this Strain

While the name may or may not cause some marketing issues (using GSC in marketing would be better) it is still one of the best selling cannabis strains in the world. True to it’s roots its one of the most popular cannabis strains among shops in Amsterdam and California. Products marketed toward evening use or relaxation and stimulation without sedation would identify potential users in that part of the market.

Girl Scout Cookies Strain Terpene Profile

  • Caryophyllene: 0.06-1.26%
  • Limone: 0.01-0.327%
  • Myrcene: 0.01-0.54%
  • Linalool: <0.01%
  • Humulene: 0.01-1.76%
  • Pinene: 0.01-0.85%

How to Grow Girl Scout Cookies Strain

GSC is fairly easy to grow but it will be best to have some prior experience growing cannabis before attempting to grow this strain in order to make the most of the cannabis seeds. Its indica leaning genetics are also visible in the height of the plant. This hybrid tends to grow fairly short and wide with dense flower buds. So while not much vertical space will be needed to grow some decent ground space would be required. Girl Scout Cookies stain would be ideal for growing in grow tents/grow cabinets at home where the environment can be controlled. The climate that you would want to re-create would be warm and slightly dry. So areas in Southern California or South America would work out quite well with too much effort if your growing outdoors.

girl scout cookies plant growing

The expected flowering time for the Girls Scout Cookies strain is 8-10 weeks both indoors and outside. While the yield of GSC isn’t very high compared to many other cannabis strains its the quality of cannabis that your looking for when growing GSC. While it is resistant to many diseases… be on the lookout for a powder like mildew that can attack the plants. The best way to prevent mildew from growing on GSC is to make sure the humidity levels are quite low and use a light diluted spray mixture of neem oil and water. Neem oil is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and will prevent a lot of things from growing on the plant. It will also help keep away some insects.

  • Flowering Time Indoors: Produces flowers in 8-10 weeks
  • Girl Scout Cookies Strain Yield Indoors: 300-400 grams
  • Flowering Time Outdoors: Harvested in mid to late October
  • Girl Scout Cookies Strain Yield Outdoors: 300-400 grams

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