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Cherry Pie Strain Information & Grow Tips

cherry pie strain cannabis

When combining 2 very famous cannabis varieties, a potent indica with high THC and one of the strongest sativa plants on the planet with even higher THC content, the result was the Cherry Pie strain. A classic hybrid with great effects and medical benefits. Now while the Cherry Pie strain is under our “High THC Strain” tag, depending on the phenotype, it can range from medium to high THC.

Cherry Pie Strain Lineage & Appearance

cherry pie strain flower trichomes

Cherry Pie strain comes from a combination of Durban Poison a very potent sativa and Granddaddy Purple, a very potent indica from the opposite end of the spectrum. By combining a potent indica and potent sativa the result is a near balanced indica leaning hybrid with a sweet flavor and medium to high THC levels. The plant itself usually appears to have dark to bright green leaves with some purple spread throughout the ends and a lot of white, frosty trichomes. The flower buds are usually thick and will have orange hair pistils.

  • Durban Poison
    • One of the strongest cannabis sativas on the planet very high in THC
    • Known for being resilient to just about every disease affecting cannabis
    • Landrace & stable genetics from Africa
    • Grows very tall in height in warm, arid climates
  • Grandaddy Purple
    • One of the strongest cannabis indicas also high in THC
    • Californian strain known for it’s sedative effects and medical benefits
    • Average flowering time, low in CBD but with cerebral effects from THC

Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain Flavors & Aroma

Cherry Pie strain’s flavors taste like sweet berries with a little earthiness underneath. The smoke flavor from Cherry Pie is smooth with a toasted biscuit and cherry flavor.

The aromas of Cherry Pie cannabis are very similar to the flavors which can smell like sweet berries, cherries and that deeper earthy undertone. Its a very fragrant cannabis strain so if your trying to hide it you’ll want to use a smell proof case.

Cherry Pie Strain Effects & Side Effects

Like many hybrids that have strong genetics from both indica and sativa plants that lean toward the indica side, the Cherry Pie strain is physically relaxing while having mentally stimulating and sociable effects. Users often report feeling happy, relaxed, laughing and uplifted. Some strains somehow seem to make things funnier than others. It would be interesting to find if this has something to do with the person’s mentality in the moment or components within the strain itself.

Side effects of this strain are the usual dry mouth and dry eyes. It is possible the the “mind racing” effects from the sativa parent can be present which is more of an effect and not an adverse one.

Cherry Pie Strain THC & CBD Content

THC content in the Cherry Pie strain will be medium to high ranging from 13-25% THC. The factors affecting the THC levels are the climate, nutrients, phenotype and whether this strain was grown indoors or outside. CBD content in this strain is quite low usually measuring under 1% CBD.

Medical Benefits of Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain

Since this strain isn’t too high in THC but still fairly strong many users report medical benefits of using it for anxiety, PMS cramps, muscle cramps, stress, PTSD, ADHD symptoms and insomnia. The indica dominant attributes help the body relax and in combination with the THC can help relieve chronic pain.

Cherry Pie Strain Terpene Profile

The Cherry Pie strain can produce a range of terpene percentages depending on the phenotype of the cannabis plant. The data comes from a cannabis testing facility in Seattle, WA and produces the following terpene profile.

  • Caryophyllene: 0.01-1.06%
  • Limonene: < 0.01%
  • Humulene: 0.39-1.5%
  • Myrcene: 0.01-0.58%
  • Ocimene: N/A
  • Linalool: < 0.01%
  • Pinene: 0.01-0.29%

Total Terpenes: 0.79-3%

How to Grow Cherry Pie Cannabis Strain

cherry pie cannabis plant growing

Being that the Cherry Pie strain was produced and originally bred indoors it is best grown indoors as it will produce more flower this way but if grown outside it won’t produce significantly less. Either method that is chosen to grow the Cherry Pie cannabis strain it would be ideal to create a warm/hot and dry climate. It will also help prevent any fungal or mold growth on the plants by keep a controlled humidity.

Thankfully this strain is also very resistant to numerous types of diseases due to the solid genetic lineage of Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison which goes to show what benefits landrace strains can pass onto to new and current ones. Because of the resilance

  • Flowering Time Indoors: Produces flowers in 8-9 weeks
  • Durban Poison Yield Indoors: 400-500 grams
  • Flowering Time Outdoors: Harvested in late October
  • Durban Poison Yield Outdoors: 300-400 grams

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