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Blue Dream Strain Information

blue dream strain

The history of Blue Dream is another one of those concealed in mystery no one knows who originally created and bred the strain but its believed to come out of Santa Cruz, California area. The breeder attributed with the modern day version of Blue Dream genetics is DJ Short who is a legend in the cannabis industry for creating strains by mixing new and old world genetics to produce grade A cannabis plants.

While its categorized as a hybrid due to the effects which are equally relaxing and mentally stimulating, Blue Dream usually leans more toward the sativa dominant side.

Lineage & Appearance

Coming from 2 very famous cannabis strains that you may have heard of, Blueberry and Haze, Blue Dream has a great line of genetics.

blue dream strain bud
Blue Dream Cannabis Flower
  • Blueberry Strain
    • won Cannabis Cup for Best Indica in 2000
    • comes from 2 Thai sativas and Afghani Indica
    • medium height cannabis plant
    • produces high levels of THC
    • good for medical use
    • has flavors of sweet berries
  • Haze Strain
    • comes from a mysterious line of global sativas
    • grows to be a tall cannabis plant
    • long flowering period but produces very potent flowers
    • has great medicinal properties
    • has flavors of earth, pine and citrus

By combining a strong indica and very potent sativa, both with superb genetic lines, a cannabis strain that nearly covers the full spectrum of cannabis effects was created by talented and patient breeders. With its effects, genetics, flavors, THC levels and medical benefits… it no wonder why the Blue Dream strain has quickly become a favorite in the cannabis community.

Blue Dream has a range of blueish green colors (sometimes purple and red hues on the leaves) with a lot of trichome crystals and pistil hairs. The buds produced are usually large and chunky some growing as big as your hand.

Flavors and Aroma

The flavors of Blue Dream come mostly from the indica side of having a sweet berry taste with some of the citrus, piney flavors coming through from the Haze genetics. The scent of the flowers is also reminiscent of the indica smelling much like the Blueberry strain plant but have undertones of citrus and pine. Much more of the sativa is noticeable in the effects of this strain.

Blue Dream Strain Effects

Being that Blue Dream is a hybrid strain with potent genetics on both sides, its effects are very noticeable on both ends of the spectrum. The indica effects coming from Blueberry genetics are physically relaxing while the near pure sativa effects from its Haze genetics invigorate the mind. The high levels of THC, which it gets from both parents, create a state of euphoria.

Some positive effects of Blue dream are creativity boosts, euphoria and feeling relaxed or energetic (hybrids are kind of cool that way where they sometimes amplify how your feeling in terms of energy). Some of the most common negative effects of Blue Dream are dry mouth and dry eyes.

Blue Dream Strain THC and CBD Levels

Blue Dream is another medium to high THC strain which produces anywhere from 15% on the low end to 24% THC levels depending on what strain of Haze is being used to cross with the Blueberry and growing conditions.

CBD levels aren’t high but higher than many other strains testing at the lowest around 1% CBD while the highest levels test at 2% CBD. Since CBD can help counter some of the negative effects associated with high THC it helps make Blue Dream a more enjoyable strain for many.

Medical Benefits

While many users enjoy this strain for the recreational benefits, there are just as many that enjoy it for medicinal use. Its medical benefits is what caught the attention of many people in the California area giving it roots to become the strain it is today. Blue Dream is an ideal medical strain for:

  • stress management
  • combating depression
  • relieving pain
  • easing headaches
  • reducing fatigue
  • easing nausea
  • increasing appetite
  • helping to manage anxiety

One of the most common uses is to help with pain management. While its not high in CBD (every amount accounts for something), THC also helps to manage pain. Combined with the relaxing properties of this strain it helps bring the body into a more calmer state which is a better environment for managing pain.

The mental benefits of Blue Dream mostly come from the THC in combination with a few other cannabinoids that are useful in helping to combat depression, manage daily stress and managing anxiety. People have also reported that it helps to ease headaches which is a common benefit in strains with high THC.

There are other versions of Blue Dream that have been bred with strains which contain higher levels of CBD in order to increase the CBD levels like Blue Dream CBD to have a THC/CBD ratio of 1:1 to be 10% THC and 10% CBD. It was done by combining Blue Dream with California Orange CBD strain.

Commercial Uses

Blue Dream produces the flowering terpene profile:

  • Limonene
  • Pinene
  • Humulene
  • Myrcene
  • Linalool
  • Caryophyllene

Depending on the phenotype it can also produce Nerolidiol and Terpineol as indicated by companies like Aurora Cannabis who have this strain in their lineup. Because this strain originally gained popularity due to its medicinal benefits, it would be marketable for that use in pain management products, stress & anxiety relief products.

How to Grow Blue Dream

Growing Blue Dream can be a little harder to grow compared to some other cannabis plants but it isn’t a difficult cannabis plant to grow. It produces large and chunky flowers and will produce these in around 7-10 weeks. Blue Dream can grow up to 600 grams of flower per plant in this time period. It can easily grow to be over 6.5 ft (2 meters) so be sure to have plenty of vertical space when growing this strain.

If your growing it indoors, its best to shorten the flowering period toward 7-9 weeks. If growing it outside, it can flower more toward the 9-10 week period in a dry, warm Mediterranean climate.

Strains Like Blue Dream

Strains like blue dream are going to have mid level THC with low CBD and the dominant in the terpene myrcene. These are going to be strains like Blue Cookies, Gorilla Glue #4 and Green Crack. While Blue cookies is the most similar and containing similar genetics to Blue Dream, Gorilla Glue #4 has a similar terpene profile and is also a hybrid even though they don’t share any direct genetics.

Green Crack on the other hand, is dominant in myrcene but is more of a sativa and has more energizing effects. So if you find strains higher in myrcene work well with you, it would be worth trying a few of these and comparing them. CBD Blue Shark also has similar genetics but has a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio. So if you’d like a strain like Blue Dream that’s very mellow and functional on a daily basis, CBD Blue Shark may also be a great strain to try.

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