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Strains Like Harlequin with High CBD

strains like harlequin high cbd

Strains like Harlequin are going to have low THC levels and high CBD content making them ideal for medical uses. High CBD strains have the benefit of providing higher levels of the cannabinoid that is frequently used and associated with medicinal effects. These strains often have equal or much lower levels of THC making them more effective in pain relief and managing other medical ailments instead of just providing the “high” cannabis is often associated with.

Harle-Tsu is a common strain for breeders to use due to its high levels of CBD which is why you’ll see it mentioned within many of the following cannabis strain’s genetics. One of Harle-Tsu’s parent plants is the Harlequin strain so its no wonder why it used to make so many other strains of cannabis and help increase CBD content. It often has a 20:1 ratio of CBD to THC making it the perfect candidate for making a new CBD strain. Its other parent, Sour Tsunami, is also on this list


  1. THC level: 0.50-6%
  2. CBD level: 15-24%

The ACDC strain has a remarkable range of THC to CBD ratios some phenotypes ranging as around 8:3 (16% CBD / 6% THC) but it is not uncommon for some ratios to be as high as 20:1 (20%+ CBD / 1% THC). If obtaining the 1% THC type the strain, it will hardly be psychoactive at all not just because the THC levels are so low but the large CBD content would help count any effects.

For being a hybrid its a great for being happy & relaxed while having all of the medical benefits of pain relief, depression management and reducing inflammation.

Charlotte’s Web

  1. THC level: <1%
  2. CBD level: 15-20%

The Charlotte’s Web strain (named after Charlotte Figi) was developed by the Stanley Brothers after meeting Paige Figi in 2011 whose daughter suffered from seizures. The high CBD low THC cannabis strain prevented the seizures associated with Dravet’s Syndrome and the brothers have since then created numerous cannabis products high in CBD for which many medical cannabis users have been thankful.

Charlotte’s Web is a sativa dominant hybrid with focusing, relaxing and pain relieving effects. It can also help with relieving nausea and loss of appetite.

Ringo’s Gift

  1. THC level: <1%
  2. CBD level: 15-20%

Another sativa dominant hybrid, Ringo’s Gift, is a strain crossed between ACDC and Harle-Tsu. From the very low THC levels it provides a light focusing head high and a very relaxed body from the high CBD content. The THC to CBD ratios could be anywhere between 1:1 or as high as 1:4 depending on the phenotypes and growing conditions.

Stephen Hawking Kush

  • THC level: 5-12%
  • CBD level: 14%

Stephen Hawking Kush, named after the scientist, is a cross between Sin City Kush and Harle-Tsu which results in an indica dominant strain high in CBD. The THC levels range from as low as 5% to nearly as much as the CBD content which is usually around 14% CBD. This is a fairly ideal ratio if your looking for a high CBD indica strain for medical purposes that will help relieve nausea and loss of appetite as that is one of THC many benefits. Being and indica, Stephen Hawking Kush will also help users get to sleep.


  1. THC level: <6%
  2. CBD level: 6-17%

Cannatonic is a strain created by crossing G13 strain and MK Ultra. A breeder with a sense of humor or just plain curiosity created this strain. G13 is known for being very high in THC and rumored to be a government experiment in the 60’s. The MK Ultra strain is named after the government project started in the early 1950’s where they tested numerous substances on patients to see if mind control would work. So by taking 2 “government project strains” we get the Cannatonic strain which is a fairly balanced hybrid known for it’s wide range of medical benefits due to having both high CBD content and some THC providing benefits from both.


  1. THC level: 8-11%
  2. CBD level: 5%-10%

Canna-Tsu is a combination of 2 cannabis strains both mentioned on this list, Cannatonic & Sour Tsunami. The THC to CBD levels are a lot similar in ratio to the Cannatonic strain where there’s enough CBD to make it significant for medical use and just enough THC to have it accompanied by a little high. Like both of it’s parent genetics, Canna-Tsu is a hybrid with relaxing and happy effects. Common usage of Canna-Tsu is for relieving pain, inflammation and seizures.


  1. THC level: 1%
  2. CBD level: 20-24%

Harle-Tsu strain is also a combination of 2 other strains on this list, Harlequin & Sour Tsunami. Rather than using the Cannatonic strain (which would produce Canna-Tsu) breeders used the grandparent Harlequin genetics and Sour Tsunami to produce this very potent CBD hybrid strain. The CBD to THC ratio in Harle-Tsu is as much as 20:1 or higher. To have this much CBD compared to THC creates a strain for medical use like no other.


  1. THC level: 8-15%
  2. CBD level: 10-15%

Pennywise is an indica dominant strain that produces a near 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. Its created by crossing Harlequin with Jack The Ripper strain which is sativa dominant. Pennywise is typically used for alleviated neurological symptoms, pain, nausea and depression. While it is an indica dominant strain, there are often focusing effects associated with this strain which may not be ideal for sleep.

Sour Tsunami

  1. THC level: >10%
  2. CBD level: 14%

Sour Tsunami is created by combining Sour Diesel with NYC Diesel resulting in a hybrid with more CBD than THC levels. It has a strong Myrcene (cannabis terpene) content with effects similar to a sativa but combined with the relaxing sensation associated with the CBD. Sour Tsunami might be one of the best strains to use on the daily to stay both focused and medicated.

CBD Shark

  1. THC level: 10%
  2. CBD level: 10%

CBD Shark stems from the indica Shark Shock and the other parent is an unknown high CBD strain. It has typical effects of many indicas being great for sleep & relaxation while relieving pain and inflammation. It produces a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC which allows the strain to have relieving effects on both the body & mind.

Royal Medic

  1. THC level: 10%
  2. CBD level: 12%

Royal Medic strain comes from combining 2 high CBD strains, Critical and Juanita which ends up producing a sativa dominant strain with more CBD than THC. It grows well in cold climates and the high is clear minded allowing it to be used for the daytime. Royal Medic strain is often used to help combat symptoms from treatments, reduce pain and muscle spasms.

Hawaiian Dream

  1. THC level: 4-8%
  2. CBD level: 6-12%

Hawaiian Dream strain comes from combining 2 very well known strains Blue Dream and Hawaiian. Its a sativa dominant strain known for having happy and creative effects while reducing medical ailments like headaches, fatigue and stress. Hawaiian Dream is great for daytime use as a “functional sativa” which can give you a bit of an edge while keeping you medicated throughout the day.

That about sums up the strains like Harlequin that are high in CBD with lower THC levels. A special thanks to all the cannabis breeders out there making phenomenal plant medications that millions have been helped by since cannabis legalization.

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