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High CBD Cannabis Strains. Why CBD Oil isn’t the Only Solution.

high cbd cannabis strains

CBD oil has taken the world by storm due to it’s numerous health benefits and solutions for people of any age… and even pets. Many companies make CBD oil specifically for dogs (that’s of course bacon flavored). It has many benefits of cannabis without the intoxication from THC. This is why most CBD oils are made from industrial hemp which has less than 0.3% THC. But remember, CBD has to be extracted from cannabis to isolate it in the first place then added to an oil base like coconut oil or grapeseed oil. So what if we used CBD at it’s source? The cannabis plant.

To this day, one of the most effective ways to receive the benefits of cannabis is to smoke it. While we typically associate smoking cannabis with “getting high” from the activated THC, some cannabis strains are very high in CBD and low in THC. So smoking these particular strains provides the effects of CBD much faster without being high. CBD actually helps to counter the effects of THC. So if the THC levels are low enough and CBD levels are large enough in the strain… there is little to no “high” allowing you to function as if there was no THC in the cannabis.

Cannabis strains like Harlequin have high CBD levels with very little THC. Harlequin in particular is the parent plant of another strain called “Harle-Tsu”. Since Harle-Tsu has high levels of CBD and a proven ability to pass on it’s dominant genetics, it’s used by cannabis breeders to make many other high CBD cannabis strains. You’ll often see the genetics of these two cannabis plants along with another strain called ACDC in CBD strains because of their stable genetics and high CBD content.

smoking cbd cannabis strain

Due to the relaxing nature of CBD many people use CBD to help with sleep. One of the many things it does is to help reduce cortisol which is a stress hormone connected with a variety of problems like anxiety and of course sleep. In it’s ability to help reduce inflammation, CBD is also used by many to help with pain relief. Here’s a list of high CBD cannabis strains some of which range from having THC levels of less than 1% to being equal parts CBD.

  • ACDC — Great for anxiety & low in THC. Around 14% CBD.
  • Harle-Tsu — Around 10% CBD and less than 1% THC (which is very low).
  • Harlequin — Produces around 8% with an energizing effect.
  • Charlotte’s Web — One of the most popular and well known CBD strains.
  • Ringo’s Gift — Produces 12% CBD with low 1% THC which makes an ideal CBD strain).
  • Stephen Hawking Kush — This calming strain is higher in THC than CBD and indica dominant.
  • Canna-Tsu — Claming strain with around 9% CBD and 6% THC.
  • Cannatonic — Around 10% CBD. A calming effect from this strain.
  • Sour Tsunami — Typically produces less then 2% THC with 12% CBD.
  • Pennywise — A fair balance of THC to CBD ratio of 7%.
  • Danceworld — Energizing, sativa dominant and produces balanced levels of both THC and CBD.
  • Nordle — A calming strain with balanced levels.
  • Suzy Q — Produces around 10% CBD with less than 1% THC and has level hybrid effects.
  • Dancehall — Low levels of THC and very high CBD in this energizing hybrid.
  • Royal Medic — Sativa dominant hybrid that produces near balanced level of both.
  • CBD Shark — Equally balanced hybrid at all levels and effects.
  • Hawaiian Dream — Typically high in CBD but also on THC which helps balance each effect out.
  • Remedy — A clear headed cannabis strain.

Finding at least one of these strains as either flowers or pre-rolls at your local cannabis dispensary shouldn’t be too difficult. Personally, one of my favorite ways to enjoy cannabis is using a dry herb vaporizer. It allows you to extract the vapor from the cannabis flower without smoking it. This makes it easier on your lungs especially if your using cannabis for health benefits in the first place.

cbd edibles cookies

Any one of the numerous CBD strains mentioned above can also be made into CBD edibles. These can range from things like brownies and candies or even cookies. CBD gummies have been by far the most popular version of edibles. While it may take longer to feel the effects many people like the relaxing snack method as opposed to inhaling.

Its been rumored that legacy beverage companies like Coca Cola and Pepsi have been in talks with cannabis companies to produce beverages that are infused with CBD. None of the major beverage companies have yet to launch into this space but with the popularity of CBD, it wouldn’t be hard to market with their name brand. Ironically, both Coca Cola and Pepsi were originally made and marketed for health purposes and neither one (at the time of this article) has a beverage with the most popular natural health substance that has ever existed, CBD.

The more we understand about the science of CBD and cannabis, the more we begin to understand more about how our own biology works with nature around us. We recently discovered that a new compound in cannabis called “CBDP” which is similar to CBD… and we have no idea what it does yet. Its truly fascinating to find out how different cannabis strains and compounds effect the body and what they do. By using cannabis in it’s plant form it has a synergistic effect that comes with the other compounds in the plant. On top of that, its a more sustainable way to make use of cannabis.

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