There are numerous compounds within the hemp and cannabis plants that are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Cannabidiol (CBD) is the compound that has gained a lot of attention from the medical community and patients. Used in applications for epilepsy, anxiety and pain relief, CBD is the most researched hemp compound in the medical field. While it is produced in the cannabis plant (which produces both THC and CBD) hemp is a more affordable method of CBD production whic doesn’t produce the psychoactive compound THC. CBD has a wide variety of applications from medical uses in people to medical uses in pets and animals.

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ACDC strain cannabis plant

ACDC Cannabis Strain & Growing Tips

The ACDC cannabis strain is known for its therapeutic and medical benefits provided by its unique genetic lineage. Its a very high CBD strain ...

strains like harlequin high cbd

Strains Like Harlequin with High CBD

Strains like Harlequin are going to have low THC levels and high CBD content making them ideal for medical uses. High CBD strains have the ...