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AND Cannabis was designed to provide clarity and understanding of cannabis without the stigmas left over from 1923. (Nearly a century later and we’re just starting to make progress as a society).

We cover the latest discoveries, science and health insights around the world regarding cannabis and its medicinal benefits. With cannabis recently becoming legal, there are a lot of studies to be done to understand the full scope of this plant and the substances it produces.

About the Author

Haust has been in the cannabis industry for 2.5 years doing research and articles for numerous companies on both the cannabis industry and science of cannabis.

By Haust studying where the cannabis industry is going and where its at in combination with scientific research and studies, better content is created to help educate the ever changing world and to move forward in a more holistic an knowledgeable way.

Our Mission Statement

To shine light on the positive aspects of cannabis, its health benefits and how anyone can grow a plant that can heal both the body and mind with CBD and THC.

Simply put: Expand humanity’s consciousness, understanding and well being.