green crack strain plant flower

Green Crack Strain Info & Growing Guide

Green Crack, which depending on where you buy it is also called “Green Cush”, is a sativa dominant strain with a great flavor and even better effects. Its can be used everyday at any time of the day especially for creative endeavors. I find that the effects can vary depending...

autoflower cannabis seeds

Are Autoflower Cannabis Seeds Better?

To answer that we’ll deep dive into what autoflower cannabis seeds are, the science behind how autoflowers work and the particular growing ...

sinaloa gold

Sinaloa Gold Strain Info & Genetics

Sinaloa Gold comes from Delta 9 Cannabis, a cannabis company based in Winnipeg Manitoba. Many Canadian cannabis companies and growers have been ...

chemdawg cannabis strain

Chemdawg Strain Info & Growing Guide

Very little is known about the genetic origin of the Chemdawg strain which is what makes its characteristics so interesting. It’s responsible for creating famous cannabis strains like OG Kush and Sour Diesel. So while this strain gets plenty of attention for being able to create incredible new cannabis strains,...


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gelato strain cannabis flower

Gelato Strain Info, THC & Growing Guide

One of the Gelato strain’s genetic parents is Girl Scout Cookies. Just about any cannabis strain that is bred from GSC is bound to have some unique properties and hold a great experience. Since both plant parents have names after sweet desserts, it only makes sense that this strain would...


Cannabis in a Conscious World

Cannabis has been used by humans for thousands, if not tens of thousands, of years. It has held significant meaning in cultures across the globe both ancient and modern. From the ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom to modern day artists and musicians, cannabis has been the inspiration for numerous works of art and musical masterpieces. This one plant has made the world a better place.

With science and evidence behind the health benefits of cannabis, this is a door to knowledge that will never be shut again. Cannabis has the ability to help solve much of the worlds sustainability issues in the form of naturally strong building materials, biodegradable hemp plastics, textiles of every kind and food. Hemp can provide much of the nutrition we require like amino acids, fiber and vitamins. It can be used to make things like baked goods, oils, beverages like hemp milk and hemp seed snacks. On the other end it can help treat many medical conditions and improve the quality of life for both people and animals through substances like CBD oil.

Its an unfortunate battle that has taken nearly a century to make progress in. A battle that would have never happened if it wasnt for propaganda, greed and the misuse of power to change peoples perspective on a plant given to us by nature. With all of these uses coming from a single cannabis plant its no wonder why certain people and industries in the early 1900s (even until this very day) took the low road that ending up costing the planet and its people far more than we could have ever imagined.

Join us at AND Cannabis in helping make the world a healthier, more sustainable and brighter place to live.

quality of life cannabis

How Cannabis Improves Quality of Life

The relationship between humans and cannabis is not a new one. The ancient Egyptian goddess of wisdom is always depicted with a cannabis leaf ...

strawberry kush strain

Strawberry Kush Strain & Grow Info

Strawberry Kush is an hybrid strain usually between 70% indica and 30% sativa. Most describe it as an easy to smoke strain that can be uplifting ...

purple punch strain cannabis

Purple Punch Strain & Growing Info

Known for it’s sweet taste, scent of grapes & berries, the Purple Punch strain is one of the tastiest and hard hitting indica strains ...